Ex porn actress, Shizimmy writes about "Love & Loathing & Lulu & Ayano" – 名前のない女たち

08.28.2010 · Posted in domestic, news, tweet, world

Distance with the women

I watched “Love & Loathing & Lulu & Ayano(名前のない女たち” again on the screen. This time, I started crying the moment the film started, and the tears kept flowing. What were the tears for? One is because my thoughts for porn are too strong. Another reason is, I think, the story seemed completely non-fiction, and it felt like I was listening to a porn actress friend telling me her stories. In the silence of the movie theater, there was a ritualistic atmosphere that made everything click in synch.

It’s been almost two years since I retired from porn movies. It’s about time I objectively start seeing what those four years were. The things I found and the things I lost. Maybe I can finally find the answer! I watched the movie with such hope in mind.

“Do you have a dream?” “Are you enjoying life?”

By appearing in porn films, anybody can escape reality. The void in their hearts can be filled.

As a porn actress, you just have to empty your mind and keep running with your eyes closed.

That way, anybody can easily transform.

Without having to say a word, choosing the occupation as a porn actress is an answer in itself and becomes a set of beliefs.

Could I have transformed without choosing to become a porn actress? Perhaps I am, in fact, cheating.

I cheated and tried to find the answer but couldn’t.

But Lulu said, “They’re all you!”

When I heard that, those words seemed to be reflecting my future, and I realized I’ll always be a “woman without a name,” which made me mildly hopeless but at the same time a bit hopeful in that I am going to continue this anyway! It’s going to continue.

And Norie Yasui, who played the main character.

What possessed her the moment she started living her life… I don’t have psychic powers but I saw it clearly☆

Shizimmy (actress)

From 2004 to 2008, under the name “Akane Mochida,” she appeared in close to 200 porn films as a true “M” actress who did everything she was asked to onscreen. In 2009, she changed her stage name to “Shizimmy,” which means “freshwater clam,” a specialty of Shimane Prefecture where her hometown is located. Currently, she appears in V Cinema and pink films. She is one of the indispensable supporting actresses in Jojo films, and her latest films include Hell Driver (Nikkatsu) directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura and Poltergeist (LEONE) directed by Naoyuki Tomomatsu.